Our Goals


Welcome to Amphion Choir. We bring the soul-stirring passion, majesty, joy and peace of choral music to a new generation of audience. We perform world music, contemporary works, and popular music in combination with spoken word to explore timeless truths.

  • We encourage vocalists to stretch well beyond the typical repertoire while building their skills.
  • We nurture aspiring music educators by providing a chance to work with dedicated and highly talented performers.
  • We introduce fresh, vibrant works with depth to our community.
  • We seed new audiences with an appreciation for the rich diversity that is available in today's choral music.

How to work with us - positions

We are looking for help across a wide array of areas, including development/sponsorships, grant writing, audience outreach, production (front of house, back of house, CD manufacturing), and publicity. If you are interested in helping out in these areas or in any other way, please contact our Executive Director at executive_director@amphionchoirs.org.



These are all important areas for us to be successful. We look to our friends and community to support us. Here are just a few areas your generosity can help.



·    Scholarships - $75 / performer

·    Rehearsal Space - $2500

·    Performance Venue - $500 / venue

·    Transportation - $2500 / trip

·    Sheet Music - $60 / performer

·    Concert Wear - $100 / performer

·    Guest Performer - $250 / each

·    Licenses - $500 / season

Education / Outreach


·    Youth Camps $100 / camp

·    Director Workshops $200 / workshop

·    Concert Passes $15 / pass



·    Staff Salaries - Variable

·    Advertising / Publicity - $1000 / season

·    Artistic Development - Variable

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